Registration Process

There are two steps to registration.  Please complete both parts thoroughly.

Part 1: Register

  • You must either complete the registration page below or submit the PDF form for each child playing CYO sports. We don't recommend trying to complete the registration from a mobile device, as often the mobile browser is unable to render the form properly.

Part 2: Payment

  • Payment may be made either through PayPal or submitting a check to the church office.  You may also give a check to a board member.

Submitting just a payment does not actually register your child.  We must have the registration form too!

Sacred Heart CYO is always looking for adults who are willing to give up some of their time to support the youth of the parish.  But just what is the typical commitment of a CYO coach?  This article will offer some guidance on the expectations of the coach and assistant coach.








Time Commitment: Typically, you can expect to have two practices per week lasting 60-90 minutes each, depending on available gym space.  Additionally, you may play one or two games on the weekend, which last about an hour.

Coaching Skill: Don't worry if you're not the second coming of Jay Wright or Dean Smith.  For the younger players, the focus is on developing fundamental skills like ball handling, passing, setting picks, and shooting.  As they get older, concepts around inbound plays, press breaks, zone defense and so forth will be highlighted.  There are practice plans and drills that can be provided to help you develop your team.  Additionally, we can offer mentoring programs to help you grow as a coach.

Background Checks: Like with all volunteer organizations, we must adhere to local, state, and federal requirements for child safety.  We also need to be compliant with the Catholic church requirements.  Please visit the parish webpage that outlines the background check requirements.


If you have specific questions about coaching a CYO team, please reach out to the Coaching Coordinator - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  He will be more than happy to discuss the program in more detail.