We are glad that you and your child(ren) have chosen to participate in the Sacred Heart CYO program. We hope your entire experience is a worthwhile one. In order to work toward this, we are setting before you the following information at the outset for your awareness. It is a summary of the CYO bylaws for Sacred Heart parish. It is hoped that by providing this information at the outset, no one will be faced with confusion or disappointment later.

• Playing time: Minimum playing time for all Junior Varsity (5th and 6th grade) teams: 1 quarter in basketball, 1 game in volleyball, 2 innings and 1 at bat in baseball/softball, '/4 of game in soccer. Varsity teams are not obliged to observe the minimum playing rules, playing time is at the discretion of the coach.

• 4th grade basketball, or "pee-wee" track: These are unofficial teams operating within our program (ie. unsanctioned by Archdiocesan CYO), on a purely developmental basis 

• Public, or non-Catholic private school students: To participate in the CYO program, youth who fall within these two categories must faithfully attend their parish CCD programs. (Faithful attendance is 80% of scheduled sessions).

• Uniforms and Equipment: All uniforms and equipment issued are on loan, unless otherwise specified, and are to be treated respectfully as such. They must be returned clean and in good shape promptly and in good condition to the coach, or his/her designate, within a reasonable time at the conclusion of the season.

• Grades, school attendance, or suspension: Students must maintain passing grades (above 70%) in all major subjects (Religion, Math, Language Arts, Reading, Science, or Social Studies) to maintain status on the team. If a child is absent from school on a particular day due to illness, they may not attend practice or a game that day. A child suspended in school is considered suspended from sports until said suspension is lifted.

• Alcohol and Drugs: Possession or use of alcohol or drugs, or association with such on any sports related location is cause for immediate expulsion from the sports program.

• Use of gym: The usage of the gym, (whether here at Sacred Heart or elsewhere) is to be considered a privilege, and behavior should reflect such. Participants must stay in designated areas only, respect the surroundings, and be within sight of, or the awareness of adult supervision at all times. At no time should there ever be unsupervised children (athletes or siblings) in any facilities. Failure to comply may result in dismissal from the facilities.

• Arbitration: Any unresolved sports related problem between parent and coaches, parent and CYO board, coach and CYO board, or questions and concerns relating to the CYO program in general should be directed to the sports committee in writing for arbitration or review. Depending upon the circumstances, such issues may be addressed by the entire board, or by those members with "expertise" in the specific sport.